Clean up your Spawned Objects in Unity

It’s that time of year again (at least it is at the time of writing)…time for spring cleaning. It’s the time I see my neighbours cleaning their respective garages out, readying their pools and for some reason, a lot of mattresses sprawled out on the curbs.

For us Unity developers, maintaining our virtual environment is a never ending battle…especially when we start spawning objects:

As you can see, the Hierarchy window can fill up fast. This can make it extremely time consuming if you are attempting to troubleshoot a bug during playback when you have more than a screen full of objects to sort through.

A better way is to parent the spawned objects to a folder in the hierarchy. That way with a simple click of the triangle, you can quickly organize your objects:

The first step is to add an empty game object to your scene and reset it’s transform:

Next, we need to assign this new object as the parent. Let’s take a look at how we can accomplish this with our code.

First we need to assign the transform of our container:

And lastly we set the parent within the Instantiate argument:

It’s the last argument in the above line of code that assigns the parent of the object.

Now you can have a clutter free hierarchy!




Unity Developer

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Mike Brisson

Unity Developer

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