Create Animated Tiles in Unity

Mike Brisson
2 min readJul 13, 2021


Animating tiles in Unity just got easier with Unity’s 2D Tilemap Extras preview package. You no longer need to find the github repo in order to set this up (although the repo still exists for older versions of unity here)

First thing we need to do is to actually add the 2D Tilemap Extras package from the Package Manager:

With the 2D Tilemap Extras installed, we can now create an empty animated tilemap by clicking > Create > 2D > Tiles > Animated Tiles:

Head on over to your favorite 2D sprite website and gather your sprites. I have chosen some waterfall images from GameDevHQ’s Filebase. Make sure that your sprites are sliced to the appropriate size and then you can drag them into the empty Animated Tile and then adjust the speed at the bottom:

Let’s create a new Tile Palette to hold our waterfalls:

With the blank palette, we can drag our animated tiles:

We are now free to paint our scene:

Just click the play button and watch your animated tiles in action: