Creating Cutscenes in Unity with Timeline/Cinemachine

When composing cutscenes, you might have many moving parts. Timeline helps you take control of cameras along with animations in one location.

While Timeline is integrated into Unity, Cinemachine is a package that needs to be added separately:

With Cinemachine installed, you’ll need to add the Cinemachine ‘brain’ component to your camera:

For each camera you want in the scene, you will need to add a virtual camera. In this example, we’ll use 2:

For each scene, it’s best to have an empty object set as the parent. Then add the virtual cameras along with the subjects to that object:

Click on your parent object and within the Timeline window click “Create”:

To transition between cameras, we must first add the Cinemachine Brain into the current Timeline. The easiest way to accomplish this is to simply drag the main camera (with a cinemachine brain already attached) into the timeline window:

Finally we can drag our virtual cameras into the time row:

You can maually adjust the length of each camera and even overlap them to transition between them for a final scene that looks like this:



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