Creating & Destroying objects in Unity

One of the foundations of creating a game, is the ability to create and destroy game objects. Doing so is a fairly straight forward process in Unity.

To begin you will need an object to create and/or destroy. You can either import your own object or create one using one of Unity’s built in objects.

We’ll start with creating an object. Create a script in Unity and attach it to an object in the scene.

Double click on the script so we can edit it.

Creating an object at runtime in Unity is referred to as “Instantiation” and we will be instantiating an object with the press of the space bar:

In this instance, we used 3 arguments to instantiate the bullet…the “_bullet” which is the game object, the “transform.position” which is the current position of the object and the rotation. Quaternion.identity simply means a rotation of zero.

We need 2 more things in order for this to work. First we need to create our “_bullet” variable at the top of the script:

“SerializeField” gives us access to an object in the inspector while keeping the object private

We have created an object, but how do we destroy it?

We can do that with one line:

You can either add a time argument or simply leave it as is or set a condition of distance or trigger to call this.

With little setup you can see how easy it is to run something like this:




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Mike Brisson

Unity Developer

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