Phase 1 of my 2D Shooter Complete

I’ve been working towards completing a 2D space shooter. After a few weeks, I’ve managed to have a functional game.

From the title image, you can see some of the basic elements:
• Enemies
• Lasers
• Pickups
• Score
Most things you would expect to find in this type of game.

Some extras that I’ve added are a thruster boost that needs to recharge:

A shield pickup that capable of taking damage:

I’ve added an ammo pickup which refills your projectiles:

Along with a screen shake when the player takes damage and a health pick up which can repair damage:

Although I technically have a fully functional game, I intend to complete Phase 2 of my game where I will be adding waves, enemies, and even a boss fight…stay tuned!




Unity Developer

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Mike Brisson

Mike Brisson

Unity Developer

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