Upgrade your Unity projects to the Universal Render Pipeline

There are a lot of people who still prefer using Unity’s older 3D template. It could be due to a habbit, necessity for some older projects or even out of fear.

There aren’t many advantages to using the older template. Even for mobile gaming, you are better off using the Universal Render Pipeline as it is better at optimizing performance so let’s upgrade those projects!

The first thing we need to do is to is add the URP package to our project:

After installing the URP, your objects may turn magenta…I know what your are thining “This is EXACTLY why I didn’t want to upgrade!”:

Fear not. We simply need to create a profile, then point to our profile in the Graphic settings. Let’s create the profile first:

Next, head on over to Edit > Project Settings > Graphics and set your “Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings” to use the newly created URP profile:

Once, this has been set, most of your materials (if not all) should be back to normal. If there are still some that haven’t been adjusted, we can manually update the materials from the Edit menu:



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