You Should be Prototyping without Assets

When you become inspired to create a new app, it can be difficult to avoid crafting your assets. With the sheer volume of assets within Unity’s asset store, many wouldn’t blame you:

One problem with this method is that you can spend a large chunk of your time searching for the “perfect” assets for your game without even having a plan. It’s easy getting hung up on tweaking models before you have even begun the plan but not having restraint can lead to heartache.

One of the biggest issues you will come across is when using someone else’s assets. Starting with assets first can lead to bugs with your code or gameplay. Without having tested your mechanics first, you can spend far too long troubleshooting your code when the problem lies within the functionality of the asset itself!

Another part is wasting time with a loosely based idea only to find out that your gameplay doesn’t work…or even worse, isn’t fun!

The best way to approach this problem is with Unity’s built in assets.

Setting up a scene with Unity’s built in shapes allows you to focus on game mechanics rather than looks.

Once you have your game mechanics in place and tested, then you can swap out the generics with something more exciting!



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